My roommate Zack has a cornea disorder where his cornea constantly changes. I was talking to him over the weekend and he was joking about how my shirt was torn in half from working out. I had a workout waist band on and a workout bra. I was extremely confused with his joke, and thought it was a little weird because my bra is purple and the band is blue. I looked at him like he was crazy and that that was the worst joke I've ever heard. He must've read my face because immediately he apologized and explained that after his first cornea surgery he became a little colorblind.

Zack had a hard time telling the difference in my purple bra and blue band. He also explained that it doesn't effect him until he's embarrassed with a situation like that. He can tell the colors by their hues. He says most colors to him are all brown. He says he misses being able to see colors. I just recently heard of this new color blind correction called ColorCorrector. It's a guaranteed success. "Azman Eye Care Specialists is the only office in the world with the ColorCorrection System™, an advanced combination of unique tests and filters for color vision correction. With our comprehensive color-vision testing, the ColorCorrection System can determine the proper filters for enhanced color vision."

Available in spectacles or contact lenses makes this procedure surgery-free and still allows a person to see in color.