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AccessWorks is a user panel of people with disabilities maintained by Knowbility for usability testing of websites, mobile apps, and computer applications. Below you will find the program's current volunteer needs. If you are interested in this position, please fill out our Volunteer Form.

Recruiting Study Participants

What: Finding individuals who qualify for our usability tests and getting them connected with AccessWorks

Why: Occasionally we need to recruit participants who meet very specific criteria for our usability studies. It can be difficult to find these people, so extra help is always appreciated! Some of these participants may also want to join our database.


  • Confirm study details with AccessWorks team – time frame, participant criteria, is there a form to fill out, compensation
  • Reach out to people/groups who may qualify – personal connections, clubs or organizations, potentially paid study groups – and share the study information. If participants have a question that you can’t answer, direct them to AccessWorks team.

Increasing engagement in the AccessWorks database

What: Finding people or groups who would be interested in participating in AccessWorks studies, even if there is not an active study for them at the moment.

Why: A larger group of interested study participants helps us to find people for our studies more easily, and helps us to avoid situations where we can’t find participants who meet study criteria. We may also connect with groups who are interested in engaging with other Knowbility programs.


  • Identify groups or organizations that focus on people with disabilities (such as learning disability support groups, chapters of the NFB, etc.)

  • Reach out to these groups to let them know about Knowbility and AccessWorks, what participants in AccessWorks do, and how to create a participant profile.

  • Assist with follow-up – some organizations will have additional questions, or may invite us to give a short presentation to their group

Finding employment resources that serve individuals with disabilities

What: Identifying accessible programs, services, and professionals who provide helpful information on employment and jobseeking resources to people with disabilities.

Why: Many of our AccessWorks participants are interested in job hunting and pursuing full time employment and could benefit from the resources that we find. Strengthening our resources for jobseekers may also help us to pursue grant funding to help us build out our AccessWorks offerings.