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Knowbility began as an accessibility training organization and it is still one of the things we do best and love to do!

We have a catalog of 17 instructor-lead, hands-on accessibility trainings that we can deliver as-is or customize to suit your team. Our instructors are among the most respected accessibility experts in the world. They are experienced teachers and are eager to give you the tools for accessibility independence.

Our trainings are typically delivered on-site at our customers’ facility for groups of 15. Please contact us for course details and, if you’d like, we can create a course just for you.

Coming Up: Virtual Authoring Accessible Content Workshop

March 26, 2020 · 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM CT

In this workshop, Emily Lewis demonstrates how semantic HTML is the foundation for websites and an integral part of digital accessibility.

She’ll share examples of the most common accessibility problems, and how semantic HTML solves those problems — without any advanced coding knowledge or using bulky frameworks.

Emily will also demonstrate keyboard-only interactions and screen-reader announcements, so you can see and hear first-hand how semantic HTML allows people of all abilities to better interact with your content.

Authoring Accessible Content Workshop Details

Our Courses

Promoting Accessibility in Your Organization

  • Accessibility, Inclusion, and Universal Design
  • Web Accessibility 101
  • Integrated Accessibility - the Project Manager’s Workshop
  • Standards, Guidelines, Testing, and Best Practices
  • Accessibility - What Not to Do
  • Developing Accessibility Policy

Accessibility for Developers and Designers

  • Designing for Beauty and Accessibility
  • Accessibility and the Dynamic Web
  • Building a Distributed Digital Accessibility Program
  • Accessible Web Forms
  • Cascading Style Sheets and Accessibility
  • Intro to Accessible JavaScript
  • ASP.NET and Accessibility

Testing for Accessibility with Screen Readers

  • Basic Web Accessibility Testing with JAWS
  • Advanced Web Accessibility Testing with JAWS

Document Accessibility

  • Accessible MS Office Documents
  • PDF Accessibility with Adobe Acrobat