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"The Teacher That Changed My Life"

taught by: Bill Oakey

Session Summary

A look back at my experiences in school as a visually impaired student. This is the story of a very shy little boy, who got a huge surprise in high school when a chemistry teacher did something that changed the rest of my life.


This presentation will explore the journey that a young boy with a visual handicap faced, while attending public schools in San Antonio. In addition to the need for special accommodations in the classroom, I had to overcome many social barriers. These were issues that I did not fully understand, and in some cases, was not even aware of at the time. That’s why telling this surprising story will bring it all into focus, and hopefully drive home the importance of special education services. At the conclusion of the presentation, I will discuss my goals for pursuing improvements to public education in Texas schools. 

Practical Skills

  • What challenges do kids with disability face in public school?
  • How do teachers make a difference in their lives?
  • What can do a s acommiunity to insure that kids like Bill Oakey get the support they need to succeed?