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Student Panel

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Session Summary

This student panel, moderated by Pearson VP Jan McSorley, will consist of a diverse group of students who will report on their lived experience of digital classrooms. You will learn the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of life in 21st centrury schools for students with disabilities. Students will share a broad range of access needs and outcomes applicable to students, parents, educators and administrators.


We have all seen and often talk about the fact that digital media has a tremendous impact on young minds — in fact, it’s transforming the education system. But how often do we get to hear from the kids themselves?!

The Good: For students with learning disabilities or required accommodations, for example, a laptop or digital learning program may encourage interaction with material in a personalized way. Studies show that digital learning materials — such as interactive tutorials, podcasts, videos, gamification and simulations — can engage students, increase retention and enhance the learning experience. This method can be an effective way to promote student success in all classroom sizes and increasingly as students must engage remotely.

The Bad: Too many digital products remain inaccessible to students with disabilities who may use assistive technology to interact with their learning platforms.

The Ugly: Students with disabilities continue to fall behind or leave school in numbers greatly disportionate to their percentage of the student population. This despite the fact that more than 80% of students with disabilities do not have intellectual disbilitiies and have the potential to succeed if they are properly supported and provided with equivalent access to learning opportunities.

Join us for a frank and open look at the experiences of real kids in diverse learning environments and the strategies they have developed to navigate within them.