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Community Programs

Knowbility got its start over 20 years ago by communicating the importance of accessibility to various communities and organizations through our flagship program, the Accessibility Internet Rally (AIR). Knowbility continues to host events and programs throughout the year to promote the education and application of accessible digital design. These programs cater to a variety of audiences and skill sets, but all share the mission of helping the digital world become a more inclusive space. Through conferences, competitions, webinars, and tools for educators, Knowbility is here to empower you towards accessibility.

John Slatin AccessU 2024

John Slatin AccessU is THE annual conference where tech professionals, content creators, policymakers, and advocates come together for deep learning in accessible digital design.

Accessibility Internet Rally (AIR)

For 25 years, Knowbility's Accessibility Internet Rally (AIR) has been teaching web pros how to design accessible websites and apps in a fun, practical, hands-on setting. Company or Indie teams are trained and mentored while building a basic website for Nonprofits, Artists, and Community Organizations.

Be A Digital Ally

Be A Digital Ally is a free monthly series that covers the basic skills and principles of accessible digital design. It is meant for people who regularly interact with and create digital content but are new to accessibility.

K12 Digital Accessibility

As teachers, students and parents increasingly pivot to online education, Knowbility is here to help navigate the accessibility challenges that can come with a digital learning environment. We have resources for parents, teachers and administrators who want to learn how they can develop accessible digital programming for K12 students with disabilities.

K12 Access Summit

Students need inclusive and accessible learning environments and materials to be successful. Join us this summer to learn how you can play a role. K12 Access Summit is a three-day virtual conference created with the intention to help districts, schools, and teams learn how considering accessibility in the classroom can improve student engagement and achievement.