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  1. A skip link on Squarespace and a little about z-index (Part two of two)

    by Derek Jackson

    Although the skip link I developed in part one worked, it was not a perfect solution. In this post I will discuss some potential drawbacks of my Squarespace skip link. Update Beginning in version 7, SquareSpace provides support for anchor links. This SquareSpace support article …

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  2. A skip link on Squarespace and a little about z-index (Part one of two)

    by Derek Jackson

    Injecting accessibility features into existing websites can be a challenge. During Knowbility’s 2019 Accessibility Internet Rally (AIR) , I was part of Indy Team 7 . Our client had a site on Squarespace which we needed to make more accessible. While working on our client’s site, …

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  3. Skip Links Design Showcase

    by Christopher Schmitt

    Every time a page loads, keyboard and screen reader users start at the top of the page, navigating through a header section that contains the organization’s name or page title, site navigation, and who knows what else until they get to the unique content on that page. If a user …

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  4. Skip links are important

    by Nicolas Steenhout

    “Skip links” are important. They allow keyboard-only users, sighted or not, to bypass large or repetitive blocks of content. You may have heard of them and wondered what the big deal is. Or your design team may have refused to implement one because they look “ugly”. But they are …

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