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  1. Be A Digital Ally: Further Exploration of WCAG 2.2

    by Adam Cord

    Jay McKay: All right, I think we're ready to go ahead and get started. Good evening everyone. Hello. Welcome to another Be a Digital Ally. You are here for the further exploration of WCAG 2.2, looking at accessible authentication. We do have some slides for you. I'm going to put …

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  2. Be A Digital Ally: What's New in WCAG 2.2?

    by Jessica McKay

    Jay McKay: There we go. Hi, everyone. Welcome. It is another time for our Be a Digital Ally. Today, we are talking about WCAG 2.2. I love our title, What's new in WCAG 2.2. Excuse me. We do have slides for you, I'm going to put those back in the chat. If you have any issues …

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  3. What's New in WCAG 2.2?

    by Melissa Green

    The Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) is finalizing the latest version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.2 (WCAG 2.2) extends WCAG's layers of guidance by adding new success criteria focused …

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