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  1. Accessibility Checkers – A Good Start, not a Solution

    by Melissa Green

    Modified from the W3C "Selecting Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools" image at . Knowbility's Be A Digital Ally series covers basic skills and principles of accessible digital design. In this post, Digital Accessibility …

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  2. Tech Tips: The Myth of JavaScript Accessibility

    by Iain Furstenwerth

    Developing software is a precise process. Websites, mobile apps, you name it – you have to know the rules of the language, rules of the framework, all the minutiae. Naturally, when it comes to accessibility (a11y), engineers tend to apply what they already know – learn how to do …

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  3. Automated Accessibility Tools for PDF: Quick Fix or Specious Solution?

    by Jason

    After working with PDFs for the past year or so, I have come to realize that there really is no easy way to ensure 508 compliance with an automated tool. Sure there is the Adobe built-in Accessibility Checker, and a number of third party solutions which I won't name here, but in …

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