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  1. Developer Techniques for Screen Reader Accessibility


    During Knowbility’s Implementing Accessible Solutions: Screen Readers webinar , there were attendee questions we didn’t have time to answer. Our team of experts, including presenter Alicia Evans, answered these overflow questions and we’re sharing them with everyone! Talkback …

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  2. What Is It Like to Use a Screen Reader?

    by Anthony Vasquez

    As a communication specialist for Knowbility and a journalism lecturer at Cal State Long Beach, accessibility is not a nice-to-have. Without screen readers that allow me to access information, it’s hard to imagine that I’d hold the professional roles I have today. Yet the …

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  3. Accessible Naming for Screen Reader Compatibility

    by Alicia Evans

    An accessible name is the programmatic name that assistive technologies use to identify an element on the page to users. On the web, there are countless instances of elements without an accessible name. This is a significant barrier for assistive technology users. Imagine if a …

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  4. Celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the Screen Reader with Knowbility’s Accessibility Series

    by Emily Lewis

    IBM researcher and accessibility pioneer Jim Thatcher created the first screen reader 35 years ago . Knowbility is celebrating this digital equity milestone with our 2021 accessibility series! Our first three webinars cover all aspects of screen readers, from the user experience …

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  5. A Brief History of Screen Readers

    by Becky Gibson

    It is hard for a sighted user to imagine navigating the web without actually seeing a page or using a mouse. Blind screen reader users have no problem navigating a web page that is coded correctly and follows basic accessibility guidelines. A screen reader is an assistive …

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