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  1. AccessWorks Usability Tester Showcase: Kevin Shaw

    by Anthony Vasquez

    For several years now, Knowbility has recruited people with disabilities to participate in paid usability studies. We’ve added hundreds of people from the United States and Canada to our AccessWorks user testing panel. These are people who can test the usability and …

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  2. Disability is Not a Problem; it is Part of Who You Are.

    by Divya Mulanjur

    Article by Patricia Walsh, Principal at Blind Ambition Speaking and USA Para National Olympic-Distance Triathlon Champion  When I was growing up, the future for persons with disabilities did not seem bright to me.  I was coached in the process for …

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  3. Usability Meets Accessibility in our Access-Works Webinar – Sept 5th

    by Jason

    Our Access-Works usability/accessibility Testing Portal is live at Access-Works Portal ! Join us for a 30 minute live demo-webinar Wednesday, September 5th, 3PM CST. It’s free. Knowbility Executive Director, Sharron Rush, and Loop11 CEO, Toby Biddle, will show how the …

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  4. AccessWorks interns join the blogroll

    by Sharron Rush

    As part of a project called AccessWorks, Knowbility has hired people with disabilities to perform web site accessibility assessment, research employment related topics on the web, and to blog about their experiences.  While our interns have found a great deal of …

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