Next week, Knowbility will be hosting the K12 Access Summit. This virtual conference will highlight presenters from across the country sharing their strategies and practices in creating accessible, inclusive educational opportunities. Since one of our main goals with this year's conference is to encourage and facilitate communication and collaboration among school and district staff, we wanted to revisit a Toolkit Tuesday session from this fall.

Empowering Instructional Technology Specialists is a discussion of the work done at Ysleta Independent School District between the Innovative Learning Department and Assistive Technology Specialist. We discuss how opportunities for collaboration lead to larger changes in district policy and effective implementation of district-wide initiatives such as the Engage Me 1:1 device program.

As classrooms have more technology than ever before, this discussion demonstrates why building networks not only between AT and IT but throughout the district is invaluable to ensuring student success. And we invite you to continue this conversation with us at our K12 Access Summit.