Sharron Rush introduces Regine Gilbert.

This is a transcript of a short video clip shared by Knowbility’s Twitter account, @Knowbility, on August 10, 2021.

Sharron Rush: It's amazing to me that Regine is here. But of course she's here, she belongs at AccessU. She is an author. She is a researcher, which is so clear in the way that she talks about our issues and our challenges in this book. The research is very human-centered, and it's just. It's just a wonderful, wonderful book. All the things that I see that she does reflects the strong belief she has in making the world a more accessible place.

That includes the emerging worlds of XR and AI, which she's going to talk about today. So, here, with no further ado, is Regine Gilbert to talk about moving from awareness to action: XR opportunities. Welcome, Regine.