This is a transcript and video description for an Instagram reel called “How to Make the Internet More Accessible” posted on July 13, 2021. The video description follows the transcript. You can watch the reel on Instagram and on Twitter.



Speaker 1: How to make the internet more accessible. Dance video.

Speaker 2: [set to a hip-hop-style beat] Poof, be gone, your makeup too strong,

Please get back, donut powder attack,

Poof, be gone, your makeup too strong,

Poof, you can't be classy if your makeup ashy


Video description

Dance video. Scene 1: Screenshot of three Knowbility staff members and Knowbility logo and a heading that says “How to Make the Internet More Accessible.” The dance involves moving your arms and feet. At every beat drop a new textbox pops up. Textbox #1: “Add closed captioning to your videos.” Textbox #2: “Add alt text to your images.” Textbox #3: “Create customized accessibility standards for your business.” Textbox #4: “Hire Knowbility for your digital accessibility needs!”