Knowbility is looking forward to participating in Accessing Higher Ground, the "Accessible Media, Web and Technology Conference” in Westminster, Colorado, November 14th–18th.  Web Accessibility Specialist Eric Eggert will conduct two pre-conference workshops as well as regular conference sessions to help developers hone their accessibility skills.  Additionally,  our CEO Sharron Rush, in her role as W3C WAI Education and Outreach Working Group Chair, will join EOWG colleagues to present an overview of new resources from WAI.  Details follow:


Items with the 📺 symbol are also available in the Virtual Conference.

  • Eric Eggert — Workshop – Advanced Accessibility: A Deep Dive for Developers
    Tuesday, Nov. 15th, 9am

    Focused on UI widgets, WAI-ARIA techniques and semantics, with some JavaScript in the mix, this workshop will teach how to implement complex widgets in an accessible way that is true to the nature of the web.
  • Eric Eggert — Workshop – Simplify your development life with tools, tests and procedures
    Tuesday, Nov. 15th, 1:30pm 📺

    Developers are lazy. Eric knows this because he is one. So having tools, tests and procedures in place that help developers to produce accessible templates and widgets is helping everyone. This workshop will give a broad overview about the possibilities and will also show how to implement some of the provisions in day-to-day work.
  • Sharron Rush — Talk – The WAI to Web Accessibility
    Wednesday, Nov. 18th, 2:15pm

    The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the W3C produces a wealth of resources that many have never heard of. This session provides hands-on access to newly developed tools and guides to support your web accessibility practice.
  • Eric Eggert — Talk – Semantic Subtleties
    Thursday, Nov. 17th, 8am 📺

    This talk takes some of the semantic particularities from Eric’s two workshops and will put them under the microscope to examine their meaning.
  • Eric Eggert — Talk – ARIA Serious?
    Thursday, Nov. 17th, 4pm

    ARIA implementations - the good, the bad, and the ugly are shared in all their glory. Eric will details how to make good ARIA choices and what pitfalls to watch out for.


There is a fantastic lineup of speakers, too. Register now at for the physical conference. For the virtual conference, there is a reduced fee until October 26th 2016.