The success of this crowdfunding campaign through Indie-Go-Go depends on you.

The donations obtained from this campaign will provide seed funding for an ambitious online training initiative. Knowbility proposes to build an online community of accessibility teaching and learning - so that ultimately, online information can be fully accessible to all. The initial goal is $50,000 and Knowbility will receive matching funds (times 3) when it reaches the $50,000 goal.

The campaign can be found at

The success of this campaign will improve accessibility skills and awareness worldwide. As developers understand how to make sites and apps accessible, that will improve the lives of 55 million Americans and 750 million people worldwide with disabilities who will then be more able  to do the things and make the connections online that others without disabilities take for granted.

Who is Knowbility?

Knowbility started as a local non-profit in Austin fifteen years ago, but now it reaches people worldwide.  Our mission is to improve digital accessibility for those with disabilities - equal access to technology for those who need it most. Accessible technology improves employment and educational opportunities for people with disabilities, and affects just about every aspect of their lives. Think about how often you turn to the internet to research an issue, find a doctor, obtain information about your medical coverage or claims, deal with your bank, pay bills, obtain information about your child’s grades or homework assignments, search for a job, and make connections with others. Interactions that most can easily accomplish. But for those with disabilities, if technology is not built to be accessible, they remain severely limited in what they can do.

Knowbility is dedicated to making technology barrier-free – supporting the independence of children and adults with disabilities. Your support in this campaign will help make it possible for people with disabilities to learn, to find work, and to live independently.

You can help millions of people with disabilities worldwide, by joining this campaign and by sharing this message with your social networks, encouraging them to give and make a difference.

Thank you for your help! We at Knowbility appreciate all that you do!

Hazel A. Sanchez
Board Member