If you are a non-profit and you are thinking of joining the Rally and having a team of professional web-designers build your organization an accessible web site let me help you think this through.

Yes, there is a fee to enter, but I’ve done the research and the cost of hiring an outside web designer to build your site would be much more expensive.  And yes, after the first year you will have to pick up the cost of web hosting; but that would be true no matter who designs your site.  In most cases your first year’s web hosting would also be your responsibility.  And, it would almost be cost prohibitive for most non-profits to afford a web designer to design an accessible site.

Why have an accessible site for your non-profit?  First, it is the right thing, the inclusive thing to do.  Our handicapable population is just that-a segment of the greater total population.  Would you consciously disregard an entire segment of the possible client base?  And in the greater scheme of non-profit outreach, this segment of the general population is often underserved.

Having an accessible website gives you greater exposure to get your message out there.

You can:

                put your mission out there.

                put your calendar of events out there.

                advertise your events and increase attendance and visibility.

                get your information to the populations who need it most.

                keep a blog.

                have a donate button right on your website.

                provide interactive possibilities with the general population.

                reach out to potential volunteers.

                have a tangible place for possible funders and donators to                             look and learn

                have opportunities for building your knowledge and skills of                           website upkeep.

Working with the dedicated folks at AIR Austin and the professional teams of web designers who volunteer their services, will definitely change your view of accessibility.  It might even change the life of your non-profit.  While the teams and the organization give your non-profit the beginning of new directions with training and the actual website, the utilization and future outreach capacities of the website are always in your hands.

You can sign up here


Rabbi-Rev. Dr. Raine Teller

Chief Rabbi/CEO Hashem’s House International