WIN 8 phones are talking, campus speechifying, Inclusive Design doesn’t have to be bland

By Molly Holzschlag

Speech Comes to Windows 8 Phones. An exciting feature of the Window 8 phone is that it has a speech platform. This brings a layer of accessibility to the phone that did not exist prior - voice commands, speech recognition, and speech synthesis. Read about  Windows 8 Speech Platform at MSDN:

Campus Leaders Speak Out On Value of Keeping Tech Accessible. You can check out a video and detailed explanation of top educators discussing the value of accessible technology in Higher Ed:

Is Inclusive Design Bland? Check out the pros-n-cons. Well-known user experience leader Jared Spool says yeh, inclusive design can be bland. But, it ain’t necessarily so, comes the thoughtful response from David Sloan, researcher in Inclusive Design for the University of Dundee, Scotland,