We have begun another fabulous year at Knowbility and 2010 promises to be fun and eventful!  Things are always happening and there are fantastic opportunities to be involved with Knowbility!  The services and programs we are offering are always evolving, and starting this month, I’m going to post regular updates here so that you can keep in touch with all we are doing.

Our Access Works program is growing quickly.  Knowbility is providing work for many people with disabilities, including Vets!  The employees of this program will be performing user tests of various websites, as well as document remediation’s of Microsoft office and Adobe files for Knowbility clients.  There are a number of possibilities and opportunities for Access Works and I am very excited to be part of it!

As always, we are pleased to offer a number of community programs!  There are many opportunities to be involved with Knowbility through these events and we look forward to establishing new contacts and friendships this year.  February is our month for AIR Interactive, where teams of web designers have 28 days to make the sites of local Arts groups accessible.  These sites will be judged and highlighted at Austin’s SXSW Media Conference next month.  February 1 was our kickoff for AIR Interactive!  Watch for information about our participating teams and the Artists or Arts groups they will be working with.

If you will be in Austin next month for the annual SXSW events, stop by and check out Knowbility’s booth at the Interactive Media portion of the conference!  Watch for exact dates and specific details on where we will be this year, what we will offer, etc.

We are also looking forward to hosting another AccessU Conference in Austin!  Watch for registration and details on that later this month!

Our ATSTAR program is available as well.  If you would like this program to be implemented in your local schools, we would love to help you!

If you are not in Austin, we would love to come to your town for accessibility training, consulting, document remediation, or perhaps have an AIR in your community.  If you are reading here, you have some interest in accessibility, so why not let us help you create that interest in your community and workplace?  Check out Knowbility’s website for contact information.

Finally, our success not only depends on people giving of their time and talents, but financial support is vital to us!  Every dollar donated helps bring to life opportunities for those of us with disabilities, whether it’s insuring that websites we encounter are fully accessible, or providing us with employment opportunities.  Donating is so easy!  You can send us a check, or we have a direct link to pay pal, where you can safely make your contribution on-line.  We appreciate that time and money is very valuable to everyone, so thanks in advance for anything you can do!  Don’t forget about us in your daily interactions with coworkers and friends.  Let them know we are here and the importance of Knowbility’s mission!