If you are reading this post, then you know that our blog has a new home and is no longer found at www.universallydesigned.net.  We are hopeful that we can maintain our friends and readers that we have gained over the past couple of years and continue to provide you with useful information about assistive technologies and happenings at Knowbility.  Please spread the word and keep tuning in and engaging with us.  It will now be possible to easily follow us via RSS, which will no doubt make it more convenient to stay updated.

As always, there is a lot of excitement going on at Knowbility.  We have all been very busy as we strive to provide accessibility to the web and all it has to offer.  We are very much looking forward to our annual AccessU Accessibility Training Conference, which will happen in May here in Austin.  Check out our course descriptions and register yourself, or if you know of anyone who could benefit from this fabulous opportunity, send them our way!  We have some of the most renowned accessibility experts as instructors and we really feel that the knowledge they will provide will help everyone make web content Section 508 compliant, user friendly and accessible to all.  I am looking forward to seeing some old friends and making new ones at this year’s conference.

This past month, 3 of us from Knowbility were very privileged to participate in this year’s CSUN Conference in San Diego.  Our Executive Director Sharron Rush, Access Works Project Manager Jason Hester, and myself took part in dozens of informative sessions and met some fantastic people along the way.  I plan to share some of my new knowledge and experiences with you, there was so much valuable information gained in such a short amount of time.  So look for weekly posts focusing on something I learned at CSUN!

Our Access Works program is growing.  We strive to hire more Vets and people with disabilities, providing them opportunities through flexible employment that will give them marketable knowledge and skills.  Our team has been working tirelessly to train new hires in document remediation, web site assessments and user experience testing.  As a long-time employee for Knowbility and Access Works, I can personally say that it has made a world of difference for me, as I pursue my own career goals!

Knowbility now also has a Wiki, where you can both get useful information and share your knowledge with us.  Come check us out at Http://wiki.knowbility.org.  I think you’ll find some great content there and feel free to create an account and add to that.

Now that we’ve done a bit of house cleaning and you are up to date with our happenings, I look forward to once again being able to provide you with some fun and exciting tidbits about technology.  I hope you’ll find that as things evolve in the world of the internet, Knowbility is right there embracing the changes and giving you the best accessibility information in a fun and easy to understand way.  So, as I recently heard a flight attendant say just before takeoff: “I hope your seatbelts are fastened, because we’re about to go really really fast!”