Knowbility is excited to bring you another fantastic opportunity for Accessibility Training!  Our John Slatin AccessU 2010 Conference will take place in May, at Austin’s St. Edward’s University.  This is a great chance for Web developers, IT managers, Administrators, Programmers, or anyone else who handles IT responsibilities to learn Accessibility tips and tricks from some of the best in the business!  If you live in Austin, you can’t miss this opportunity!  If you are in another area, what a perfect excuse to visit our wonderful city!  If you have attended our conferences before, then you know how fun and valuable the experience can be, so tell your friends and colleagues and give them the chance to participate as well.

Technology is always changing and new accessibility techniques are constantly evolving.  But one thing that always holds true is the right for everyone to have access, no matter what circumstances they may be in at any given time.  By learning how to make electronic information accessible, you are insuring opportunities for growth and knowledge for us all.  So come join us in May, general conference registration is now open and there are early bird discounts!  We really look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones in 2010!