For the past several months, Serotek Corporation has held a weekly tech chat, where they discussed all things technology relating to people with disabilities.  Starting tonight, they are using their incredible product Accessible Event to broadcast these chats. As well as offer some training in a Webinar setting.  I have previously discussed the bare bones of AE here, but there is even more to it than simply watching a presentation.  To kick off these training sessions, tonight Janelle Schulenberg, product manager of Accessible Event will demonstrate how it works, show videos, answer live questions, and give us a demo of how you can collaborate on microsoft files and web pages through AE.  I personally find this so very exciting!  Some of the future presentations in the coming months will be: shopping on-line, finding and procuring employment, improving oral and written communication, fundamental computer skills, using the internet for research, notetaking and study skills for college students, and more!

So now you’d like details, when, where, and how.  When?  Every Thursday evening starting tonight, at 9PM, 8PM central, or 6PM pacific.  Where?  Your computer, wherever you may be.  How?  You will need adobe flash player 10.0 installed.  Download Flash Player for Internet Explorer

Download Flash Player for Firefox

To participate in this evening's presentation, please visit

http://www.accessibleevent.comand enter the event code: 332130257 along with your name.

Of course you will need a Screen Reader of your choice, AE works well with them all.  You may want to check out the FAQ on Accessible Event before the presentation, just so that you can get the idea of how it works and how you can get the best out of the product.  I for sure plan on attending tonight!