In the mid 20th century, the radio was the source of entertainment for so many households.  Families would sit by the radio and listen to music, the news and a variety of half-hour dramatic stories and would be entertained for hours.  Without images to look at, the listener would simply imagine what the people and places looked like, just like reading a book, but with added music, sound effects and voices.  Once televisions became the new entertainment source, stories on the radio faded away and were forgotten.

I personally have been a long time fan of old time radio shows (OTR).  While I enjoy some television shows, I tend to miss out on some of the details and action because I don’t see it.  Of course there are thousands of movie titles that have been audio described, which I also very much enjoy.  I guess with radio shows I feel like I’m on equal ground with every other listener, able to grasp all of the events the same way as they do.  I have my own collection of radeo drama that I have bought, mostly on line, and I love to listen to them many times over, especially at night.  These, along with audio books almost take the place of television intertainment for me.

Recently, I discovered something new and wonderful!  Some people are reviving the radio stories, but with clear digital sound and modern sound effects.  It was by accident that I found them, I had no idea that there were people recreating this wonderful form of intertainment!  The sonic society is the main site I learn from and link to several sites from there.  While these programs are not on the radio everywhere, they are available via podcast or download.  So now, just as so many before me have done, I am able to escape into other realms of life through the revival of the stories for the ear!

On an important note, their site is very accessible to me using jaws.  This will make it easy for other blind computer users to join and enjoy the stories!  Perhaps some employment opportunities could come out of audio drama for people with disabilities, since so much of the creating and editing can be done from a computer in your own home.  Minimally, it can provide countless hours of relaxation and enjoyment for a new generation of radio drama lovers everywhere!