The 3rd and final day for me at SxSW was a little calmer, but still very exciting! I started off my day looking at, a website for a band right here in Texas. Their photos are all tagged and briefly described, so that if I wanted to buy one, I would know exactly which one I was looking at.

I looked at a design studio’s main website, They were very concerned about how their images read, wanting to provide an accessible service for all of their customers.

I briefly looked at:,, and All of these people were happy to hear their site read, some commented that their “eyes were opened,” and they will be thinking about accessibility as they continue their web and content designing.

I even got to look at one of our AIR sites,! This is a very beautiful site that has been made accessible through the AIR Interactive program!  We had a very exciting year, with 11 teams working on selected sites, all in the name of accessibility!! I’ll have a separate post with more info on AIR Interactive!

SxSW was great for us this year. I think we have demonstrated the importance of accessibility to those who dropped by our booth. I feel like we made some new friends in the tech world and perhaps will work with many of them in this upcoming year. Maybe we’ll see them at AccessU in May? So now, we’re counting on all of our friends, both old and new to continue spreading the word! Accessibility is important to all of us. It’s not hard to make a few changes that will mean so much to so many!