Ok, the title is misleading, these are women not girls, but I had to think of something catchy. I recently found out about fastcompany.com. This site is a place for you to go and read and write comments about various aspects of owning, running and working as part of a business. It provides networking opportunities, as well as a forum to share thoughts and ideas.

Recently, Beth Kanter, an Activist and expert on non-proffits and the use of social media, discussed an Article published by Fast Company entitled “The most influential women in technology web 2.0.”  In her blog post, she lists some of the women mentioned in the article and then adds some new names in a category not discussed. She listed several women who are influential in technology, but in the world of non-proffits. Of course I found this of much interest, since Knowbility is a non-proffit, and our Executive Director Sharron Rush is herself a very influential woman in technology, specifically with regard to accessibility.

The Fastcompany site itself is very accessible with great use of headings. Navigating and finding the information I need is no problem. I created a free account so that I could share my own ideas and get updates on various businesses and networking groups. It is free and very easy to create an account. I’m looking forward to interacting and networking with some successful business men and women on this site.