A few months ago, I posted a blog about e-bay and some of the changes they had made. While at that time I could still use the site, their changes had started to makeshopping on e-bay very difficult. Unfortunately, they have continued alterations to the site and now, it is next to impossible to shop there using a screen reader. They have completely eliminated headings and have not incorporated any skip to navigation links, and when you're looking at almost 300 links on a page, finding what you want is now not possible! Even if I do happen to find something I'm looking for, I cannot determine the item's description, price and shipping costs. 

Even when e-bay was first launched, it was more accessible using screen readers than it is currently. So why did e-bay make these changes? Apparently, the site looks exactly the same to a sighted user. I still am not quite sure who I could talk to from e-bay. For now, unless they become accessible again, I'm going to have to find somewhere else to do my Christmas shopping.