How many people around the world use the web as a social network?  With sites out there such as my space, facebook, twitter, etc. there is a lot of opportunity to always be connected.  You can tell people what you are watching, listening to, eating, working on, anything you like.  You can use these networks to promote yourself or your business, share any and every aspect of your life you’d like, and just make friends and build up your portfolio of people who can always be connected to you.  Most of these sites offer a way to use your cell phone to interact with the network via text messaging, instant messaging, or E-mail.

I myself think that all of this is too much.  I’m not too sure if I want to know that Sally had a pita wrap for lunch.  However, being on such a network can be helpful to me and this blog.  Maybe I can generate more readers, let people know about Knowbility, and update those who already know and read my posts here when I add something or want comments on an issue.  So I decided to try and join one or more of these social networks.  My space and facebook are in general, very difficult sites to use.  There is a lot of inaccessible flash content that sometimes can prevent me from accessing the info I need.  I did join twitter, but had to have sighted assistance in reading some of the little boxes that were not tagged with text, and even once I registered, I found it was hard to navigate and do too much.


last week, with Anneka’s help, I joined a network called utterli.  Registration was fairly painless, although they need to fix their check boxes and some of their forms.  Once a member, the site is pretty straight forward, not too many untagged areas and very little use of flash.  Also, I can connect twitter and my blog to utterli, so that when I make an update there, it shows up under those profiles as well.  And one other bonus, I can call a number and put audio there, which will show up on my blog here.  It looks like fun, and a good alternative that is accessible.  I wonder if it will put my entries here into my utterli profile as well?

If anyone is interested, you can join, or send me your info for twitter or even my space or face book, and I can add you.  This should be fun to play with a little and could possibly help to generate more readers and thus educate more people about accessibility!!