All right, I think I am coming through!  This is my first experience with blogging, although I have read lots of other people's stuff.  I am totally blind, using jaws and have experienced a few slight barriers.  First off, I hope I am putting this text in the correct area, because jaws doesn't tell me much about where I am.  I also found that when viewing posts, I have to scroll past all of the top text to see the post's content.

Now, all that being said, I know there are lots of successful blind bloggers out there and would love to learn from their experiences.  I have heard that blogging is a lot of fun and well, I guess here I am and so far, it is fun!!

So in the interest of having fun, I want to cover a lot of varrying topics, but I want to open it up.  Here are some things I think would be fun to blog about;

Of course, technology and yes, accessibility, not just from the perspective of a blind person, but regarding all disabilities.

Music.  I love it, I live it and would love to blog about it and how technology plays a vital role in my musical life.

Children.  I have one, she's 4 going on 40.  I use the web daily as I raise her and would love to talk about how web access has helped in that exhausting and very rewarding endeavor.

Computer games.  Hey, I love them almost as much as my husband... almost.  There are a lot of fun games out there for blind and disabled people to enjoy.  We can get addicted the same way as anyone else.

So tell me, what if any of that would be interesting to you?  Let's have fun, share knowledge and get excited about accessing technology!!