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Volunteer with the Accessibility Internet Rally

The Accessibility Internet Rally is a unique design competition that builds partnerships between nonprofits and artists and teams of volunteer web developers, designers and other tech specialists. The end goal of this partnership is a new or improved website for the artist or organization that is fully accessible to people with disabilities, plus information and resources that they can use in the future to help maintain the accessibility of their site.

NPO Recruitment

What: Finding nonprofit organizations, community groups, student groups, musicians, and artists that could participate as clients in AIR, as well as web teams or individuals who could participate as web developers based int he Austin area.

Why: Part of our grant requires us to have a percentage of our participants from the Austin, TX area.


  • Reach out to organizations, groups or individuals that may be interested. If anyone has questions, they can be directed to Jay McKay

  • Connect potential participants with Jay via email

  • Connect with your network