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18 teams competing in 2022

The Race to Accessibility is On!

Follow along with the annual Accessibility Internet Rally (AIR), a unique design competition in which web professionals practice accessible design skills in a real-world environment to benefit community organizations and their constituents.

Info, Tutorials, and Anecdotes

We’re a Non-Profit!

Your donation can make a difference for people with disabilities.

What do internet users with disabilities think of your website?

AccessWorks Usability Testing

We offer complete usability testing services through our AccessWorks program, including test development and participant recruitment from our database of testers with disabilities. Drop us a line today to start your project with us!

About Knowbility

Equal Access to Technology for People with Disabilities

Knowbility is a nonprofit organization with the mission of creating an inclusive digital world for people with disabilities. This critical work improves technology access for millions of youth and adults with disabilities all over the world. Our programs reflect our core values and the strong belief that accessible technology is a key to providing equal access to educational, employment, and social opportunities for people with disabilities.

Whether you want to learn about accessibility, participate in the community, or get help from our experts; Knowbility has the experience you need. As a worldwide leader in accessible information technology since 1998, we’ve worked with hundreds of business, education, government, and nonprofit organizations to train staff, implement effective accessibility strategies, and monitor long-term goals to reach millions of users.

You can help close the digital divide

Your contribution helps us improve digital accessibility for people with disabilities through outreach, training, and community programs.