What do you think of the new knowbility.org?

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Knowbility is pleased to announce our new website.  Since 1999 our site has been like a comfortable old home.  As we grew, we just kept adding room after room after room.  Finally, we had to admit it was pretty easy for new visitors to get lost in the maze of hallways in our big old house.  Kudos to the team at Elemental Blend, winners of several AIR competitions, who designed the new site.  They have streamlined the navaigation and made it easy to find your way around to our community programs, training events and web accessibility services.  We hope you feel at home here and hope to hear from you!

1 thought on “What do you think of the new knowbility.org?”

  1. The design and accessibility is great, excellent job! Here are a few very minor items to consider:

    -Tag line (“Equal Access to Technology…”) is too close to Login button; the 2 items appear related because of their proximity.

    -The alternative text for the Twitter icon doesn’t match the text in the graphic. Suggest using same in alt.

    -In the photo in the Get Help page, the young lady looks a bit odd with her arms folded like that, is she holding something?

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