Twitter is making fantastic strides!

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I am very excited to add a new chapter in my social media adventures!  An independent group is working on an accessible version of Twitter!  Many features are still in the working stages, but this is so exciting indeed!  I tried out the site so far and find it much less difficult to read my friend’s status updates.  It is very nicely done and I’m eager to see its completion!


3 thoughts on “Twitter is making fantastic strides!”

  1. Thanks for the mention, Desiree. And another thanks for the clarification Jared. It’s July now, and here are some enhancements over the last few months:

    * Added a URL shortening feature.
    * Added image previews for TwitPic and yFrog links.
    * Enhanced Direct Message page and funtionality.
    * Added Popular Links page and categories, too.
    * Add (limited) functionality to update user profile. (More to come.)
    * Add more data for Tweeps on the Following and Followers pages.
    * Add user data to bottom of single status page (the tweet’s PERM page).

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