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      A few months ago, I had tried to do a few things using the site called survey monkey.  I had tried creating my own survey, as well as taking surveys and had little success.  The forms were not tagged, the check boxes not labeled, and some of the buttons were not correctly marked.  It was quite frustrating, so many times inaccessible surveys make you shy away from taking any, even when you know your opinions and such would be valuable. For these reasons, I was happy to see a survey produced on survey monkey that was made accessible!  Each form was tagged, so that no matter what method I chose to use, my screen reader easily announced the questions and choices I had.  Every check box reminded me of the question, told me my choice and whether or not the box was checked.  The next buttons were clear, as well as the previous.  There was excellent use of headers, so I could do a headings search, a forms search and links list and easily navigate to wherever I needed. I have yet to try creating my own survey using this tool, but at least steps have been taken to improve the accessibility of the surveys.  Eventually, entering in data into survey monkey may become accessible as well.  Whatever further work may be done, the accessible survey I took is a fantastic start.

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  1. I think we had begun to design a fully accessible survey tool at one time. Is that still in the works? (I had supplied my design specs, but never saw how far we got in coding). Let’s chat when you get some time?

  2. Oh hey I can do that, no problem. Steve Hunt knows about my work in making accessible PDF forms. What do you need done? Who needs this work and who should I contact?

    My forms work with JAWS and Windows Eyes, according to the AFB.

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