Designing for Beauty and Accessibility

On-site training

Designer workspace with laptop, whiteboard, and coffee.Accessible design can be visually appealing; you don’t have to sacrifice creativity. This employee training and development course will teach your team how to make accessible sites, apps, and interfaces with great design potential. Our onsite training will help your designers attain UX that delights. Learn approaches that can be applied to low-fidelity and high-fidelity projects with Robert Jolly, a seasoned veteran with world-class WCAG and ADA compliant sites in his portfolio. Forget ugly, boring and cluttered layouts. This class will feature design-ready, accessible approaches, group discussion, use-cases and insights from some of the best-designed – and most accessible – sites on the web. These principles can be “baked-in” from the beginning and used throughout the design verification and validation processes. Empower your team to meet accessibility compliance standards with designs that are practical and beautiful.

Training provides:

  • Different approaches to maintaining hierarchy and simplicity
  • An overview of design consideration vs accessibility
  • The tools to learn about universal design as a concept and in practice
  • Introduction to the role and value of accessible design pattern libraries

Our instructor, Robert Jolly, is an experienced web accessibility practitioner and project manager. He uses a whole-team approach in his training sessions.

Knowbility training empowers, builds, and sustains your team towards self-sufficiency and compliance. We can help you design for beauty and accessibility at your organization.

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Knowbility’s team of web accessibility professionals is, arguably, the most knowledgeable in the field. They do testing right. They maintain the highest standards and will make sure you know how to make your site truly accessible.

Jim Thatcher, Ph.D., Accessibility Expert & Author

About Knowbility

Knowbility provides a wide range of accessible web design and development services to help you get your web site and technology products up to compliance standards. Check out our Testing Services and Training offerings as well as AccessU, our annual accessibility conference.