Seeking successful implementation of YouTube captions

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About a year ago, Youtube launched an editing tool, Youtube Remixer.  One of the most interesting features was the capacity for captioning, although Youtube cautioned that the captioning feature was still in beta and not to expect a fully functioning captioning tool.  The Remixer, powered by Adobe Premiere Express, allows users to edit videos with text, audio, graphics, overlays, effects, and transitions with no installation.  The Proud Geek blog and other user reviews reflected the fact that the new tool was hard to use, quite buggy and not at all dependable as a real captioning option.   One of the most telling results is that we have not seen a proliferation of captioned videos on YouTube as a result.

Knowbility is looking for successful implementations of the Remixer tool or any other recommended method for captioning videos on YouTube.  Please let us know if and how you address the challenge of accessible video content.  Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Seeking successful implementation of YouTube captions”

  1. I used and was able to add captions to any YouTube video in the net.

    The editor is super easy compared to others out there.

    Nice thing is that all captions are searchable and you can make money by adding captions.

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