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The Accessibility Internet Rally (OpenAIR) is a global web accessibility competition produced by Knowbility. The award winning program pairs teams of web professionals and web design students with nonprofit groups. The teams compete to create accessible new sites or improve the accessibility of existing sites for nonprofit groups and artists.

OpenAIR raises accessibility awareness and imparts valuable new skills to participating teams while providing community connections with profound, far-reaching impact. To learn more about how you can participate, contact

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Who can participate?

  • Universities
  • Professional Web Developers
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Anyone!


What Richard Schwerdtfeger, previous Knowbility Board Chair calls “the first international, hands-on accessibility technology training program” has become a formative experience in producing the next generation of accessibility leaders.

The goal of this competition is to give students a firm footing in accessibility training to expand their portfolios. As Kisha Cormier from the Visual Communication department at Lone Star College says, “the OpenAir event provides students a real world experience and allows them to exercise their knowledge in web creation, work with a real world client, and learn more about building accessible websites.”

Professional Web Developers

Skilled in web production? Designers, developers, QA testers, we’re looking at you!

OpenAIR enhances people’s accessible design skills and then puts them to work creating professionally designed, accessible websites for non-profits around the world.

Where else can you learn advanced skills, participate in creative challenges, and make the world a better place all at the same time?

Nonprofit Organizations

If you are looking for making your website accessible to everybody, participate in OpenAIR and receive a low-cost, professionally designed, accessible website!

I keep in touch with a couple of team members weekly via phone meetings, and we have an email chain going. We’ve had zero communication issues to say the least. They are working very hard on the website and I’m impressed so far. I’ve gotten a design proposal, wire frame, and most recently a loose mock up with multiple logo choices. My team is awesome!

Jessy Wayles, Shoreline Restoration Coordinator working for Marine discovery center.

Our mentor has been a great mentor from Day 1 and has always made time for us and taught us a lot on accessibility. Our NPO was able to make time for us and was helpful at the right time. It was a great learning experience for us and we are looking forward to make more sites accessible in the future (be it NPO/ our clients).

Shashidhar Ganesan, Software Development Manager at MicroAssist

What does it take to participate in OpenAIR and become an accessibility superhero?

Don’t worry, there’s no cape required. Tights optional:

  • Passionate about making a difference: Help non-profits, create inclusive content, empower everyone to access the web.
  • Eager to learn: You’ll receive amazing training and support: prepare to be challenged!
  • Ready to level up: You don’t mind getting a little glory for your skills and your team.

Contact information

For more information please send us an email or visit