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3...2...1...Launch! Here you will find the digital program for AIR 2021. Listed below are the members of the AIR Advisory Board, this year's team mentors and judges, and the matches between developer teams and the organizations they designed for.

We want to thank all of the accessibility professionals who volunteered their expertise for this year's competition. We also want to thank this year's sponsors, without whom this event would not be possible: The Cultural Arts Division of Austin, Visa, ebay, Rev, ZenDesk, Big History Project, and Monkee-Boy.

Advisory Board

  • Caleb Watson, Team Recruiting (Chair)

  • Paul Adam, Mentors (Chair)

  • Rob Carr, Judging (Chair)

  • Sarah Horton, Mentors (Co-Chair)

  • Tim Harshbarger, Mentors (Co-Chair)

  • Luis Perez

  • Bouton Jones

  • Alicia Evans

  • Aaron Bramwell

  • Jillian Fortin


  • Lisette Joscovich

  • Anupam Kale

  • Shantanu Ladkat

  • Sunayana Chaudhury

  • Pavan Bandarupally

  • Siddharaj Suryavanshi

  • Manoj Gundu

  • Komal Muluk

  • Pravin Kumar

  • Supriya Vijaya Kumar

  • Amena Kanchwala

  • Hareshkumar Punmiya

  • Geetha Somasundaram

  • Santina Croniser

  • Jean Ducrot

  • Richard Broadman

  • Meryl Evans

  • Sarah Lynch

  • Emma Hardman

  • Cindy Xavier

  • Herin Hentry

  • suman damera 

  • Gayatri Subramanian

  • Raghavendra Satish Peri

  • Joe Burkhart

  • Sally Thoun

  • Alicia Evans

  • Sumner Davenport

  • Usha Devi Pitchandi

  • Amena Kanchwala


  • Rob Carr (Chair)

  • Julieanne King

  • Kati Haritos-Shea

  • Lewis Phillips

  • Michael Moore

  • Luis Garcia

  • Srinivasu Chakravarthula

  • Wilco Fiers

  • Steph Rogers

  • Julie Grundy

  • Lyssa Prince

  • Gokhan Boybek

  • Laura McNamara

  • Sathish Kumar

  • Glenda Sims

  • Crystal Baker

  • Jonee Meiser

  • Dennis Lembree

  • Thomas Logan

  • Aaron Bangor

  • Susan Hewitt

  • John Northrup

  • Stacey Lumley-Rayos

  • Sheri Byrn Haber

  • Jalena Hay

Team Matches

Without further ado, we proudly present the matches for AIR 2021!

Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development + Indie Team 1

Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development (DCDD) is a Dutch platform that promotes disability inclusion in international development cooperation, through lobby, linking and learning. We believe in the power of inclusion. Change is needed. We are here for everyone who wants to make inclusion happen.

Indie Team 1 members:

  • Bhagee Bala

  • Natalia Khudolieieva

  • Sue Hanen

  • Joey Reyes

  • Kate Whittaker

  • HIba Kauser

  • Ebere Vivian Akuche

  • Rao Ali

Mentors: Komal Muluk & Raghavendrasatish Peri

Ada Lovelace + HCL Team

Starting with a need for empowering women and  children, we formed our organization to provide sensible solutions. We've consistently grown since then, all thanks to the helping hands of this amazing community! We focus on making the maximum positive effort for our community. Our members and volunteers provide the momentum that helps us affect change. Using data driven models, we provide solutions that make a long-lasting difference.

Indie Team 2 (HCL Technologies) members:

  • Chadaram Samyuktha

  • Jesal Vora

  • Radha Dehig

  • Simhachalam Panasa

  • Jesus Nunez

  • Rachel Lang

Mentors: Geetha Somasundara & Gayatri Subramanian

LBJ Museum San Marcos + Indie Team 3

The LBJ Museum of San Marcos is dedicated to enhancing the appreciation for the 36th President of the United States, Lyndon Baines Johnson, with a primary focus on his years as a student at Southwest Texas State Teachers College (now Texas State University) and his teaching experience in South Texas. The LBJ Museum engages visitors in the exploration of President Johnson’s landmark Great Society legislation, both in how his student and early teaching experiences shaped his commitments and the impacts of his presidency on our lives today.

Indie Team 3 members:

  • Andy Oh

  • Michael Goddard

  • Jessica Canales

  • Luke Burress

  • Joseph Newman

  • Deepak Shukla

Mentors: Saroj Bala & Meryl Evans

The Alfano Arts in Medicine Studio + Indie Team 4

The Alfano Arts in Medicine Studio (AIM) embraces the healing power of art. AIM's current home is in the Division of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Stem Cell Transplantation at Columbia U. Irving Medical Center. Both onsite and through interactive virtual programming, the studio provides comfort and care through creative expression for patient children, their families, caretakers and hospital staff.

Indie Team 4 members:

  • Irina Sarrar

  • Robert Aiello

  • Marvin Carlos

  • Daniel Ebron

  • Rohit Tiwari

Mentors: Sarah Lynch & Jean Ducrot

Borderland Rainbow Center + Indie Team 6

Our mission is to create a community space in which lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex (LGBTQI) people and their allies can heal, grow, and empower themselves and others. This substance-free space is governed and run according to ethically sound standards and research-based practices for (LGBTQI) people and their allies. The BRC connects LGBTQI people to resources for improved physical and mental health, economic stability, legal rights, education, spiritual and cultural enrichment.

Indie Team 6 members:

  • Monica Suarez

  • Sonya Lewis

  • Carmina Edrozo

  • Adoree Del Toro

  • Emeka Kanu

  • Logan Purdom

Mentors: Hareshkumar Punmiya & Suman Damera

Neill Hadder + Indie Team 7

I hold a PhD in anthropology and have for many years taught a wide-reaching course on the history of anthropological thought that now includes roughly 70,000 words of text and over 40 hours of audio. AIR is a fantastic opportunity to move this material onto the open web and make it a model of inclusive design.

Indie Team 7 members:

  • Peter Dodson

  • Veronika Grebennikova

  • MIchael Harshbarger

  • David White

Mentor: Siddharaj Suryavanshi

Triumph Foundation + Indie Team 8

Triumph Foundation’s mission is to help children, adults, and Veterans with spinal cord injury/disorder to triumph over their disability and to inspire them to keep moving forward with their lives by pushing themselves to get better every day.

Indie Team 8 members:

  • SueJ Hawkins

  • Wade King

  • Lindsay Miller

  • Brian Evans

  • Shawn Abrahamson

Mentors: Emma Hardman & Alicia Evans

Brain Education Strategies & Technology + AccessHippo

Brain Education Strategies & Technology (BEST) provides low-cost tools & solutions to help those with brain injury and other cognitive challenges build confidence and live a more independent life.

Indie Team 9 members:

  • Cam Coulter

  • Jenny Panighetti

  • Sierra Bailey-Van Kuran

  • Paul Chiou

Mentors: Sally Thoun & Sumner Davenport

UX Akron + User Zoom Owls

UX Akron is a non-profit user experience (UX) community in Northeast Ohio, primarily serving members from Akron, Canton, Youngstown, and Kent. We offer in-person events and online events covering all aspects of UX.

Our mission is to share knowledge and networking opportunities, and increase awareness of the benefits of UX in organizations and as a career.

User Zoom Owls members:

  • Lucy Durand

  • Takashi Kuwahara

  • Gowa Mainini

  • Sarah Greene

  • Naomi Enzinna

Mentors: Pravin Kumar & Supriya Vijaya Kumar

Chica's Mom + UX San Antonio

Chicas Mom is an organization that supports Latina women on a variety of socioeconomic issues related to equity, justice, and community support.

UX San Antonio members:

  • Susan Price

  • Richard Gower

  • Chris Gower

  • Diana Pennycook

  • Eve

  • Rob Liendo

Mentors: Joe Burkhart & Lisette Joscovich

Anika Foundation + RBA11y

The Anika Foundation was set up in 2005 to raise funds for the purposes of supporting research into adolescent depression and suicide.

RBA11y members:

  • Bhuvnesh Chaudrhy

  • Rajkumar Kannori

  • Thiru Palaniappan

  • Karthik Poobalu

  • Michelle Wu

  • Marat Yeshtukov

Mentor: Herin Hentry

Access Gallery + A for Access

Access Gallery is an inclusive nonprofit organization that engages the community by opening doors to creative, educational and economic opportunities for people with disabilities to access, experience and benefit from the arts.

A for Access members:

  • Sarah Salaina

  • Sunny Agrawal

  • Jordan Grant

  • Caroline Cabe

  • Matthew Hildebrand

Mentor: Cindy Xavier

Casa Marianella ESL + Breaking Bad Access

Casa Marianella welcomes displaced immigrants and promotes self-sufficiency by providing shelter and support services. Our ultimate vision is that all immigrants arriving in Austin will have safe housing and access to the services they need to be successful.

Breaking Bad Access members:

  • Debbie Gonzalez

  • Madison Winstrand

  • Aafia Ahmad

  • Mataeo Campbell

  • Kyndall Richardson

Mentors: Usha Devi Pitchandi

Atlanta Jews of Color Council + Fixer Uppers

The Atlanta Jews of Color Council (AJOCC) is a grassroots Jewish organization doing racial equity work on the ground in and around Atlanta. 

We believe the best leaders in diversity are ones with first hand, real lived experience. We are a multigenerational Black Jewish women-OWNED, and led nonprofit. AJOCC provides regional nuanced educational training and consultancy in intersectional social justice, and racial literacy from a unique vantage point.

Fixer Uppers members:

  • Noor Iqbal

  • Aman Raju

  • Masha Larina

  • Bailey Odom

  • Morgan Wray

  • Sanina Reddy

Mentors: Anupam Kale & Shantanu Ladkat

Austin Cooperative Business Foundation + S.M.O.R.E. Accessibility

The Austin Cooperative Business Foundation (ACBF) is dedicated to growing and strengthening the Austin-area cooperative community through increased consumer knowledge, inter-cooperative support and advocacy to make it easier to start and expand cooperatives.

S.M.O.R.E. Accessibility members:

  • Shixin Mei

  • Mimi Pham

  • Olympia Walker

  • Reed Wu

  • Emily Peterson

Mentor: Richard Boardman

Paths to Literacy + Allies for A11y

Paths to Literacy for students who are blind or visually impaired provides several resources for families, teachers and services providers, including instructional strategies, training events and blogs.

Allies of A11y members:

  • Rishab Pradeep

  • Amrith Chandra

  • Neha Venkatesh

  • Anita Pradeep

Mentor: Santina Croniser

Quietside Music Chamber Festival + Caption America

The Quietside Chamber Music Festival is a series of chamber music concerts on the "Quiet Side" of Mount Desert Island, July-September.

Caption America members:

  • Kara Zirkle

  • Katie Killary

  • Chris Krebs

  • Riley Waugh

  • Stephen Salas

  • Antonia Figueroa

Mentor: Pavan Bandarupally

BookPeople United + Hopeless Semantic

BookPeople United is the employee-led union at BookPeople, the largest independent bookstore in Texas. They are represented by OPEIU Local 277.

Hopeless Semantic members:

  • Stacey Rayos

  • Saurabh Gangadharan

  • Laura Madalosso

  • Ashwini S.

  • Irene Chiu

Mentors: Manoj Gundu & Amena Kanchwala