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Congratulations! You've entered the final stretch of AIR 2022. Hopefully, you've learned some valuable new skills in accessible web design and created a final product that will help your NPO reach a broader, more inclusive audience.

The final sites are due on November 13th at 6 pm CT.

You will submit your site via email ( on November 13th by 6 pm CT. Included in that email will be your Submission Form and any timesheets you have. Before submitting, take some time to run through this checklist to ensure you're dotting the T's and crossing the I's.

  • Run spellcheck on your entire site
  • Make sure all content is complete (no paragraphs that leave off in the middle, no missing photos, etc.)
  • Check your site for dead or broken links
  • Put your site through a few accessibility checkers
  • Take a final look at the Judging Form
  • Have a friend or colleague try out the site
  • Complete your team's timesheets
    • If not complete, we can collect them after the submission deadline
  • Complete your Submission Form (the first tab of the Judging Form)

Submission Form

The Submission Form is how you enter your team's final site into the competition for judging. Simply download the packet below and fill out the second tab (labeled 'Submission Form') with your team's information. Please complete the form with as much accuracy and detail as possible. You will then email this packet, along with any timesheets your team has, to

Final Countdown Event

Join us for a final countdown event on Sunday, November 13th! We'll kick-off the event at 5 pm CT by answering any final questions you have about the submission form, followed by team videos and a communal cheers for a job well done. Register for AIR Final Countdown

What to Expect Next

Now that you've handed your site over for judging, your work here is done! Keep an eye out for a survey — we would love to get your feedback so we can help more developers hone their accessibility skills and more NPOs reach their audience.

The results of the competition will be announced at the AIR Awards Ceremony on Thursday, January 5th at 6 PM. Register for the AIR Awards Ceremony