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The Accessibility Internet Rally brings so many people from around the world and we want to thank each and every one of them!

AIR 2022 Winning Submissions

Everyone wins when designing with accessibiliity and we would like to highlight the top three submissions for this year's Accessibility Internet Rally. These pages are not the active websites, but those submitted for the competition. We will provide links to the organization's updated sites soon.

AIR 2022 Awards

We celebrated the hard work of our teams participating this year and congratulated our winning teams.

AIR 2022 Final Countdown

We celebrate the work of our teams in the final minutes of the 2022 Accessibility Internet Rally competition!

AIR 2022 Kick Off

Our 24th season of the Accessibility Internet Rally was a great success!

We recorded the first part of the event including Derek's great welcome and introduction of the nonprofit organizations and their teams. See you all at the Rally Checkpoint in October!

Advisory Board

  • Regine Gilbert, Chair
  • Caleb Watson, Team Recruiting
  • Paul Adam, Mentors
  • Rob Carr, Judging
  • Sarah Horton
  • Tim Harshbarger, Mentors 
  • Bouton Jones
  • Alicia Evans, Mentors
  • Aaron Bramwell, Team Recruitment
  • Jillian Fortin, Fundraising


  • Michael Smith
  • Matt Gregg
  • Manoj Gundu
  • Suman Damera
  • Saroj Bala
  • Sindhuja (Cindy) Xavier
  • Sumner Davenport
  • Mary Ann Jawili
  • Raghavendra Satish Peri
  • Joe Burkhart
  • Komal Muluk
  • Danny Payne
  • Bouton Jones
  • Joey Koss
  • Rushana Doole
  • Gigi Etienne
  • Michael Beganyi
  • Sharath Chandra Ramakrishnan


  • Rob Carr, Chair 
  • Luis Garcia
  • Lyssa Prince
  • Michael Moore
  • Susan Hewitt
  • Thomas Patenaude
  • Aaron Bangor
  • Crystal Baker
  • Dennis Lembree
  • Gokhan Boybek
  • Jonee Meiser
  • Brenda Adrian
  • Chad Hester
  • Julieanne King
  • Karey Jo Wise
  • Siyu Wu
  • Trisha Salas
  • Wilco Fiers

Meet the Clients and Teams!

Teach Access

Bringing together industry, education, and disability advocacy organizations, Teach Access addresses the digital accessibility skills gap by equipping learners to build toward an inclusive world.

    An Arched Bridge Teach Access



  • Ankush Sood
  • Bhavik Thakkar
  • Andrew Elliot
  • Nisha Pillai
  • Harish T P
  • Kaleemuddin S
  • Mentor: Amy Chen & Paul Adam

Supported Living

The Supported Living mission is to create healthy, long-term, and supported cooperative living for neurodivergent adults. Supported Living will connect residents to resources and engage the community to reduce stigma and provide education about neurological differences.

Fitt's Lawyers

  • Dabby Phipps
  • Rajesh K
  • Animesh Gupta
  • Steve Chabassol
  • Shashank S. Jain
  • Yeasin Arafat
  • Mentor: Rushana Doole

Dance Place

Dance Place is a center of dance activity in Washington, DC. We support movement artists by creating opportunities for creative development, performance, and education. We offer performances every weekend, dance classes for adults and kids, and arts in education programs for youth.

By investing deeply in artists and centering those who have been systematically excluded from such opportunities, we strengthen the dance field.

    A large pink capital D with a black circle underneath Dance Place


Getty Group

  • Sara Chaparro-Diaz
  • Iris Silverman
  • Reilly Steere
  • Chris Pereira
  • Mentor: Miranda Capra

Northern Virgina Resource Center

To empower deaf and hard of hearing individuals and their families through education, advocacy and community involvement.

    NVRC logo



  • Belinda Bradley
  • Jennifer Zhang
  • Nandita Gupta
  • Sunday Parker
  • Rylin Rodger
  • Mentor: Michael Beganyi

National Women's Theatre Festival

To create, produce, and promote extraordinary theatre by women and all underrepresented genders.

The Women's Theatre Festival (WTF) is a group of theatre artists, both women and allies, who seek to address gender parity, diversity, & inclusion in the theatre community.

    Speech bubble The National Women's Theatre Festival WTF!


Allies for A11y

  • Abhishek Gore
  • Karim Merchant
  • Mohommed Heemayathullah
  • Victoria Delgado
  • Jason Corradino
  • Yasmin Eldokany
  • Mentor: Gigi Etienne

The Gene and Dave Show

Our mission statement: To provide a glimpse into the lives and lifestyles of people with disabilities via an informative and entertaining format we call infotainment.


  • Anna Karon
  • Dorota Samulak
  • Clara Shen
  • Kamila Pierunek
  • Izabela Gontarek
  • Marcin Krzyzanowski
  • Mentor: Manoj Gundu & Saroj Bala
    Snowdog logo


Puffin Innovations, Inc.

Puffin Innovations is a woman-owned assistive technology startup with a diverse team focused on developing solutions for people with disabilities to lead more inclusive and independent lives. 

Our team is dedicated to leveling the playing field for people with disabilities using Smart Assistive Technology (SAT).  SAT incorporates internet of things connectivity, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to provide maximum access with the greatest of ease.

    A cartoon puffin as the P for Puffin 


Indie Team A

  • Danielle Dookie
  • Graciela Alaniz
  • Jessy Shen
  • Pushkar Mokashi
  • Olutimilehin Olushuyi
  • Lindsay Blankenship
  • Mentor: Alicia Evans

Gilbert & Sullivan Co of El Paso

The Gilbert and Sullivan Company of El Paso (G&S El Paso) is committed to producing and presenting the operettas of W. S. Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan, along with other collaborative works by either of these luminaries, to the general public.  G&S El Paso is dedicated to enhancing the cultural climate and theater appreciation of audiences of all ages, races, traditions and socio-economic backgrounds from the El Paso, Texas, Juárez, Mexico and Las Cruces, New Mexico region.

Orange Wholphins

  • Koustubh Desai
  • Mahesh Samgandi
  • Sharad Rai
  • Niraj Kumar
  • Vishnu Ramchandani
  • Mohan Modukuru
  • Mentor: Sumner Davenport
    dolphins with an orange background


Work Opportunities

Promoting self-determination, self-respect, and valued participation in the community for people with disabilities through work.

    Work Opportunties logo



  • Graham Venning
  • Gerson Lacdao
  • Catt Juan
  • Patrick Gerolaga
  • Deneb Pulsipher
  • Kosi Asabere
  • Mentor: Cindy Xavier
    Wings above the accessibility logo


National Coalition of Latinx with Disabilties (CNLD)

The National Coalition for Latinxs with Disabilities (CNLD: Coalición Nacional para Latinxs con Discapacidades) was established in 2017 as a volunteer national organization made up of disabled Latinxs and allies who work toward a seamless society in which the human rights of Latinxs with Disabilities are upheld and all their intersecting identities are embraced - including disabled LGBTQ+ older adults.
CNLD works in solidarity to affirm, celebrate, and collectively uplift Latinxs with Disabilities through community building, advocacy, protection of rights, resources, and education around all issues disabled Latinxs experience. This includes collaborating with allies, organizations, and leaders in the disability community who support our vision and mission. 

“Tearing Down Walls Building Bridges!”


  • Grace Anne Foca
  • CB Averitt
  • Nick lemon
  • Jon Howarth
  • Poeuth Pann
  • Kaitlyn Stahl
  • Mentor: Matt Gregg
    Truist logo


Geno's Place

Travel / Adventure / Life 

Many of us have had some disruption in our life that compelled us to start over or begin a new life. This site is a very brief summary of what I did to create a new life, or as I call it, Geno 2.0.

Geno's Place provides stories, photos and videos that chronicle his love for travel and adventure. 

Join Geno as he paraglides in Switzerland and Brazil. Learn about his new method of scuba diving in the Caribbean. Share his fascination with Inca ruins in Peru and Bolivia. See the video of him bridge swinging 210 feet above a river in South Africa. You'll be thrilled with his expedition to Mt Everest Base Camp and other travels across six continents.


  • Aakruti Lunia
  • Amber Weeks
  • Bob Lichtenfels
  • Fred Esch
  • Peter Zaremba
  • Sophia Faniyan
  • Mentor: Komal Muluk
    A11FLY Logo


The HEAL Project

The HEAL Project is a QTBIPOC, Disabled, and Survivor-led educational initiative using media to prevent and end Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) through healing the wounds of sexual oppression and embracing sexual liberation.


  • Dinesh Mamoria
  • Prabhakaran J
  • Shankar
  • Venugopal
  • Mentor: Raghavendra Satish Peri

Change Agent

The Change Agent is the badass in your corner, supporting complex life changes for those without the necessary support systems in place. When faced with the final change, end-of-life, the Change Agent helps the dying create a multimedia artistic representation of their life to leave behind.

ARIA Kidding Me

  • Saurabh Gangadharan
  • Lanny Maetzgold
  • Raashi Bhandari
  • Poorva Wange
  • Stacey Lumley-Rayos
  • Alyssa Minwell
  • Mentor: Sharath Chandra Ramakrishnan

Resume Signs

Resume Signs seeks to help people get jobs they love through empowered astrology and career coaching.  Resume Signs provides free sessions to people from disadvantaged communities and who have been impacted by layoffs, especially women who are looking to grow their confidence and play big.

IDs for the Win!

  • Katherine Fisne
  • Kylie Rose
  • Liberty Gallagher
  • Ofer Shaal
  • Lisa Lynn Catino
  • Mentor: Bouton Jones

Central California Animal Disaster Team

Disaster Response for Animals:  To mitigate the loss of human and animal lives by providing disaster response assistance for displaced animals during natural and human-caused disasters in Central California; to promote the prevention of cruelty to animals, and to foster the human-animal bond.

    dog being held by a human with flames behind them both CCDT Central California Animal Disaster Team 


Ca11y Gurls

  • Willy Quach
  • Andrienne Grace
  • Amanda Harrison
  • Clarice Torrey
  • Faja Akther
  • Gina Strickland
  • Mentor: Mary Ann Jawili