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Organization Maturity Model And Assessment Framework

taught by: Phill Jenkins

Session Summary:

Complete the 1st steps towards creating an organizational accessibility strategy and roadmap


Abstract: Together we will use a framework for assessing the accessibility maturity of an organization as a 1st step in creating an accessibility strategy and roadmap for an organization. We’ll understand the Accessibility Maturity Model, how to conduct an accessibility assessment workshop, and customize the framework for your organization in a hands-on session. New this year will will include an effectiveness review methodology. Phill will share insights and practical approaches from decades of work within IBM and with clients across all industries. Description: This session is design to be inspirational, and aspirational with practical exercises. Half lecture by a subject matter expert -half hands on workshop as teams or individuals led by subject matter expert and facilitator.

  1. Understand a new Accessibility Maturity Model that is comprehensive of functions in a typical enterprise including IT Design and Development, Procurement, and Human Resources, etc.
  2. Explore a framework for creating an accessibility strategy and roadmap for improving the accessibility of an organization, starting with the vision and accessibility policy, deep dive into the organization’s accessibility tools, training, and design framework(s), and being comprehensive and inclusive with recruiting and enablement of team members who have disabilities.
  3. Use a RACI (responsible, accountable, consulted and informed) framework in an accessibility assessment workshop approach for assessing the as-is state of the organization.
  4. Develop an initial plan and outline for developing a strategy and roadmap for your organization. Handouts in accessible digital Microsoft Word and PowerPoint formats.
  5. (New) review a methodology for assessing the effectiveness of the results that the enterprise’s creates - from and end user’s journey perspective. From discovering and exploring the offering, to try & buy, use & customize, all the way till maintenance and end of life.

Practical Skills:

  • Use an Organizational Maturity Model
  • Customize a Framework for a Strategy and Roadmap
  • Learn how to conduct an assessment (or effectiveness) workshop