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Inclusive Usability Testing Workshop: Conducting Usability Testing With All Kinds Of Users

taught by: Elisa Miller

Session Summary:

Inclusive usablity testing takes the skills of traditional usability testing and layers on considerations for those with disabilities. Learn to create, moderate and conduct usabilty tests with a group of disabled participants who will also provide feedback as a part of the workshop.


If you have conducted a usability test, you understand why it is important to observe your target users using your interface, and then apply what you learn to make their experience easy and fulfilling. In this full-day pre-conference workshop, you will learn how to adapt your usability testing to work with people with different disabilities and assistive technologies.

In this session, you will learn how to recruit and screen people with disabilities, the pros and cons of remote vs. in-person testing and moderated vs. unmoderated testing, and disability etiquette.

Best of all, you will practice writing a test plan and tasks, setting up the physical space to accommodate people with disabilities, moderating in-person and remote sessions, and interpreting your results.

Practical Skills:

  • Building inclusive usability tests
  • Identifying, recruiting, and screening people with disabilities
  • Practice moderating a usability study with people of different abilities and assistive technologies


Basic understanding of usability testing