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Inclusive Design Workshop

taught by: Mary Jo Mueller

co-presented by: Hope Turner

Session Summary:

Our Inclusive Design workshop will give attendees an overview of key accessibility areas to address during product design. We will touch on designing for various users who are blind, have low vision, have cognitive disabilities or physical disabilities that keep them from using a mouse. Interactive exercises are mixed with brief lectures, to get you started in inclusive design.


Our Inclusive Design workshop is a multi-part all day workshop that will include:

  • Intro to inclusive design
  • Intro to IBM Design Thinking with warm up exercise
  • User research with Persons with Diverse Abilities and aging personas
  • Hands on empathy exercise & empathy mapping
  • Interaction design
  • Design UI for a “real life” mobile app
  • Visual design, and an accompanying exercise

Our Inclusive Design workshop will give attendees an overview of the key areas to address accessibility within the framework of IBM Design Thinking. Another important takeaway is our new Accessibility Handbook which is a quick guide for Product Managers, developers and designers to learn basics of inclusion in product development.

Practical Skills:

  • IBM Design Thinking - with accessibility aspects highlighted
  • Addressing disability in key aspects of design (user research, empathy maps, interaction and visual design)
  • Design collateral for the designer-to-dev hand-off