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Empathy Labs 2.0: Going Global

taught by: Crystal Baker

co-presented by: Lewis Phillips

Session Summary:

Follow AT&T’s journey in taking their mobile empathy lab international. Learn about overcoming the barriers of international travel and importing/exporting a lab.


A brief overview will be given about AT&T’s Accessibility Awareness Lab history and their innovative way of making it shippable. Lessons learned in building the lab and showcasing it in different locations will be shared. In 2019, AT&T took their lab to the next level, shipping it internationally. There are different ways of handling the import/export process with a lab, along with pros and cons of each. They will share with you their experience along the way so you will benefit from their journey.

Practical Skills:

  • How to create a lab of your own with any budget.
  • How to navigate international travel/shipping.
  • How to reinvent your lab items each year and for each audience.