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Empathy Lab

taught by: John Foliot

co-presented by: Glenda Sims

Session Summary:

Deque’s Empathy Lab - Hands On


Accessibility Empathy Labs show the power of what is possible! How do people with disabilities use computers or navigate websites? What tools do they use? How does it work? What is it like? It can be hard to comprehend how something like a smartphone could ever be used by someone who is blind or who doesn’t have the use of their arms, for example. The Accessibility Empathy Lab is a way to help people understand and experience alternative ways of interacting with technology and other environments through hands-on access to different tools and assistive technologies.

Join John Foliot and Glenda Sims from Deque Systems and explore first-hand Deque’s Accessibility Empathy Lab. John and Glenda will be there to do a short presentation as well as answer questions about Deque’s Accessibility Empathy Lab: how it works, where it works best (and how) and lots more. See you there!

Practical Skills:

  • The value of running an Empathy Lab
  • Hands-on demonstration of Deque’s Empathy Lab
  • Brining and Empathy Lab to your organization