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Creating Accessible Documents And PDFs

taught by: Bouton Jones

Session Summary:

Optimizing Microsoft Office documents and PDFs for Maximum accessibilty


The easy ways to ensure your Microsoft Office documents and PDF files are fully accessible. The session will both demonstrate the experience of using assistive technology to read accessible and inaccessible documents and explain how to apply optimal accessibility. It will cover:

  • The rise of PDF related lawsuits in Florida
  • The causes of “Blank” or image only PDFs
  • The causes “Untagged” documents
  • Semantic markup in documents
  • creating fillable forms and optimizing them for screen readers
  • Remediation vs. Exporting
  • The benefits and limitations of using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in Adobe Acrobat 11 and 2017
  • The role and consequences of “renderable text” in a “searchable image”
  • The value of true electronic redaction from an A11y perspective
  • Quality assurance testing for Word and PDF
  • The value of eSignatures/digital signatures from an A11y perspective
  • An accessibility issue with assistive technology with Adobe Acrobat DC in read mode

Practical Skills:

  • Comparing the benefit of Exporting to PDF over Remediation
  • Optimizing fillable PDFs for assistive technology
  • The Ally benefits of electronic redaction over manual redaction and electronic and digital signatures