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Component by Component Evaluation of CMS Assets

taught by: Carolyn Chesler

co-presented by: Jessica Schultz

Session Summary:

CMS offers designers, engineers, project managers, and QA resources a novel way to ensure and validate all content and assets are accessible


If a business is using Sitecore or another CMS for web content management, the components library is a reusable group and lends itself to this innovative UI unit test framework for accessibility. Top Industries using Sitecore include financial services, marketing and advertising and retail. These industries must critically work towards inclusivity for disabled users to comply with Title 3 of the Americans with Disabilities Act and then as a secondary benefit can gain the business of disabled customers who comprise approximately 20 percent of the population.

In this class I will instruct in detail how to access the components library in Sitecore to systematically evaluate all web elements including sidebars, menus, carousels, login forms, promotional feeds, articles feeds, etc. against all WCAG 2 guidelines. I would suggest using checklists to achieve 100 percent WCAG coverage as it pertains to each role performing an accessibility evaluation of these reusable components in Sitecore. I can demonstrate which checklist each role can best use as their unit test for new features added to the CMS, but the most crucial assessment would be performed by a web accessibility specialist or accessibility test lead. This would be done as an initial step to audit end to end, using a master checklist after which identified results can be translated into work items or business requirements. Once all of the audit items reach satisfactory remediation, the more condensed checklist group can be distributed to designers, engineers, project managers and QA for unit testing on new features. I recommend each department use a role specific checklist, which I will provide, for all new features added to the CMS components library.

Applying a rigorous controlled approach in this way, management should have a high degree of confidence in achieving compliance with WCAG 2 Success Criteria checkpoints.

Practical Skills:

  • Site Core Component Layout
  • Checklists for evaluating each component
  • Sample WCAG conformance charts and sample metrics