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The Ease of Accessibility and WordPress

taught by: Sumner Davenport


WordPress has become an easy tool to create websites, however, a website needs to be more than a pretty face. Many designers take the WordPress foundation and with their selection of theme, content and design choices they not only lose the original Accessibility, they make it harder on themselves to create a finished website that meets WCAG standards. Stress usually takes over when web designers and businesses are faced with making a WordPress website Accessible.

It can be much more fun to design and create when we understand WHAT WordPress brings to Accessibility, WHAT tools are available to meet WCAG standards on WordPress, WHEN should you start including Accessibility plus the VALUE an inclusive design adds to websites and reputations.

This talk is designed for WordPress designers of all skill levels. Designing an Accessible site with WordPress can be overwhelming if you let it be, or fun when choosing the right theme, formulating the content and design and supporting those efforts with the right plugins or custom code.

This session will cover: • Understanding your audience • Creating your WordPress inclusive design plan • Testing plan – tools, timing and reports • Plugins: the Good, Bad & the Ugly • Value added to your business

Practical Skills:

Inclusive design with WordPress; Selecting Accessible themes; Auto and Manual Testing


Familiarity with WordPress, themes and plugins; Familiarity with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

Presentation Materials: