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Supporting Assistive Technology: Making the Most of Limited Resources

taught by: Cecilia Robinson

co-presented by: Daniel Wheeler

Session Summary:

Despite limited resources, it is possible to support students’ use of technologies. This presentation will focus on ways to increase equipment pool and the staff’s expertise. Resources will be shared, along with successes and lessons learned.


Federal policy requires the consideration and provision of assistive technology (AT) devices and services (IDEA 2004) for students with disabilities. Texas serves over 10,400 students with visual impairments (VI) in urban and rural areas. Due to the large number of students and decreasing/limited funding, Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI) has been working closely with school districts to share expertise and resources. Many school districts have begun to establish their own partnership with surrounding districts to provide AT for their students. To supplement school districts’ AT needs, TSBVI has a technology loan program that provides equipment for trial. This presentation will address using resources creatively to build capacity and support students’ continuous use of AT.

Practical Skills:

  1. Learn creative ways to build a pool of equipment to support your students’ educational needs for technology.
  2. Identify low-cost and free resources to increase your knowledge and expertise in assistive technology.
  3. Learn tips and strategies on cutting costs while building capacity in assistive technology.



Presentation Materials: