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(RERUN) 2019 AccessU Digital Accessibility Legal Update

taught by: Lainey Feingold

Session Summary:

Digital accessibility is a civil right of people with disabilities. This session will explore laws, regulations, and recent developments from courts and government agencies in the digital accessibility legal space. Come learn how advocates use the law to advance and expand inclusive digital practices for disabled people. Sadly, law is too often an engine of fear when talking about accessibility. Come learn how we can change that! The law is but one ingredient in baking accessibility into corporate culture. This session will give you the tools to put the law in your pocket whatever your role in the digital world.


Digital accessibility is a civil right of people with disabilities. The legal landscape of accessibility in the United States provides a strong framework supporting digital accessibility efforts in the public and private sectors, in K-12 and higher education, and throughout society. Ideally that framework inspires organizations to focus on participation and inclusion of disabled people and the ways in which accessibility makes technology more usable by everyone. Yet too often the law becomes a driver of fear. Lainey aims to give participants the knowledge they need to change that!

Lawsuits, Structured Negotiations, and government agency activity impact how organizations around the country are approaching digital accessibility. With so many legal developments, organizations across industries need to stay informed. Meeting legal requirements is but one element of a robust digital accessibility initiative, but it is an important one.

This class will be presented by Lainey Feingold, an internationally recognized disability rights lawyer and pioneer of Structured Negotiation known for negotiating landmark accessibility agreements. Lainey will take us through key cases, court decisions, government agency activity, settlements, and other recent developments in the digital accessibility legal landscape. Let’s

This presentation will cover: • Legal requirements impacting digital (web, mobile and more) accessibility • Updates on major digital access court cases, regulations and settlements in 2018 • U.S. Department of Justice and Department of Education activity in digital access • Best practices for digital accessibility as defined by industry leaders, court orders and major settlements • How the law is impacting accessibility in fields as diverse as finance, education, voting, healthcare, employment, and transportation. • Ethics in digital accessibility law – for all stakeholders.

Presentation Materials: