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Podcast Accessibility

taught by: Nicolas Steenhout

Session Summary:

An increasing number of companies and people podcast. Few consider accessibility of their podcast. Podcasters who don’t pay attention to accessibility are cutting off more than a tenth of their potential audience. 14% of people in North America have some form of hearing loss. And podcast accessibility isn’t just for people who have hearing loss.

In this session we’ll go over the basics of podcast accessibility. This includes transcript creation and display. It also includes making sure the podcast’s website itself is accessible.


This session will focus on four major topics. In the first part of the session, we’ll talk about who benefits from accessible podcasts. In the second part we’ll cover transcripts. In the third part, we’ll look at website accessibility. In the fourth part, we’ll look at podcast recording and hosting platforms. To wrap things up we’ll have an open discussion.


1 - Podcast accessibility overview 2 - Who benefits from podcast accessibility - People with hearing impairments - People with other disabilities - Non-native language speakers - People who can read faster than they can listen to the show - People in noisy environments - You! 3 - Transcripts - Transcript types - How to create transcripts (Self, machine, human) - Pros and cons of transcript creation methods - How to display transcripts 4 - Podcast website accessibility - Audio player - Keyboard accessibility - Images and color contrast - Forms 5 - Podcast recording and hosting - Platforms or methods are accessible for guests with disabilities - Podcast hosting providers that allow for accessible podcasts 6 - Open discussion - Leading questions based on audience reaction so far. e.g. “What podcast do you know is accessible?”, “What podcast do you wish were accessible?”.

Practical Skills:

Podcast accessibility - it’s important! We’ll learn how to make podcasts and their website more accessible.

Presentation Materials: